Cazal Eyewear in NYC

The eyewear brand Cazal may not be a common household eyewear brand, but it is actually one of the most stylish and classiest pieces of eyewear available in New York City. Prior to the distribution of Cazal Eyewear in NYC, Cazal eyewear was first distributed by a small German company in the early 1980s. The company’s Austrian founder, Carl Zalloni, decided to use the first syllable of his first and last names to create a catchy brand name for his unique eyewear.

Zalloni was truly a visionary because he created distinctly designed frames way beyond its time, which did not immediately appeal to the public. About this time, the brand started to catch a number of high-end clientele. Since then, Cazal has slowly crept its way into the US market as it released its one of a kind, large framed embellished rims. These frames captured the “eye” of many famous celebrities, and success was achieved.

Cazal became an eyewear game changer in terms of style and design. With Cazal’s famous 607 model sported by many icons, an increasing number of people began patronizing the brand. Since then, the use of spectacles shifted from solely prescription use to an accessory. Wearing Cazal rims became a statement synonymous with self-expression.

Aside from focusing on unique designs, Carl Zalloni also focused on the frame’s durability. Each Cazal frame goes through a series of durability tests to ensure long-lasting use. Owning a pair of Cazal eyewear means having an accessory that can stand the test of time and one that can fit in any generation. It is indeed a timeless piece.

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