What to Expect When Switching from Glasses to Contact Lenses in Chicago

The good news is that the new optometrist confirms that the patient can wear Contact Lenses in Chicago. Now is the time to make a decision. Glasses work fine, but they can be a little frustrating at times. Before settling on the best option for corrective eyewear, here are some ideas of what to expect if the client chooses to go with contacts.

Broader Field of View

One of the first things that the patient will notice with the Contact Lenses in Chicago is that the field of view is broader than with the glasses. Think about those blurry areas that are to the immediate right and left for each eye. Since contacts rest comfortably on the eye proper, those areas are no longer blurry. Most people don’t think about how much easier this makes it to see what is happening to the side without having to turn the head.

Forget the Fog

Anyone who wears glasses knows that the lenses will fog up when opening an oven door or stepping out of the cold and into a warm room. With contact lenses, this type of thing will never happen again. This is because the lenses are already at the same temperature as the eye, so nothing will change.

No Problems in the Rain or Snow

Along with the fog issue, glasses can be a bother when the individual is playing in the snow or out in the rain. That means stopping every so often to wipe the glass. Contacts do not attract and hold precipitation, so there is no wiping involved.

Contacts Match Everything

With glasses, there is the need to choose frames that are appropriate for the workplace, and that match most of the clothing that the individual wears. For some people, this means having a pair for work and a pair for play. Since contacts do not require frames, they will go with everything.

To learn more about contacts and what benefits they provide, visit Tropical Optical Corp and take a look at the range of options offered. It will not take long to see why so many people make the switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses and never look back.

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