Apartments in Midtown East- Location Really is Everything

Apartments in midtown east are the ideal location. Midtown east is the end of midtown Manhattan and the beginning of the uptown area. Selecting an apartment is one of the most important lifestyle decisions you will ever make. When you are making one of the most important selections you will ever make you want to be sure that you are choosing a building in an area that offers everything you could want in walking distance.

Location is Everything

From an investment standpoint you cannot beat the location of midtown east because it caters to so many different lifestyles. There is literally something for everyone within walking distance. From a lifestyle stand point you cannot beat it either because you have easy access to:

  • The best museums in the world
  • One of the best known parks in the world
  • Shopping at world renowned stores
  • A wide eclectic range of eateries

There is so many advantages to choosing the right location to suit your lifestyle. The neighborhood in the midtown east section has a homey feel but also has the urban vibe. It is not quite as costly as all the way uptown but not quite as trendy as the up and coming areas. it is a good balance that can meet a wide range of tastes.

When you are purchasing an apartment whether you plan on living there forever or you plan on selling in five years you have to be able to think about the neighborhood and what it will be like in 5 years. Midtown east is a great neighborhood that offers a nice balance of single/multifamily brownstones, boutique type buildings and businesses. In other words, it is a well-balanced neighborhood.

200 East 62 sits in the heart of midtown east and offers nicely appointed residences. It is an exceptional building and a location that is just ideal.

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