Complete Pet Care at an Animal Hospital in Bloomfield, CT

An animal clinic is both a place where pet owners can take their beloved friends in for routine wellness exams and vaccinations as well as a full-service Animal Hospital Bloomfield, CT where they can have their pet spayed or neutered, treated for injury, and more. The veterinarian has many pharmaceutical products on hand for use in the office as well as for prescribing for patients to use at home. For example, after a spay or neuter, the doctor may send the patient home with both a prescription pain medication as well as an antibiotic. The clinic is where you can buy products that are not available at mass retailers, like stronger versions of flea and tick control and medication to prevent heartworm.

If your dog or cat is a picky eater, one that receives too many table scraps, or one that cannot seem to lose weight on your current brand of pet food, you can get dietary advice at the Animal Hospital Bloomfield, CT. After a brief checkup to check the pet’s eyes, teeth, heart, lungs, muscles, and bone structure, the doctor may recommend switching your pet to a different brand of food. Some clinics also sell food that the doctor approves of

If you are interested in adopting a new pet, your veterinarian can be a good resource. The veterinarian may provide services to a local pet rescue organization. Some of these rescues are breed specific, while others find foster homes for dogs of all breeds as well as cats. So, the veterinarian may be able to let you know of a rescue in your area. Some clinics, like The Windsor Animal Clinic, have a specific area on their website for people who are interested in adoption.

Some animals get separated from their owners permanently when they cannot be identified. That’s why this animal clinic and others like it offer micro-chipping services. It’s a very quick procedure, done in the office, and the chip can be read by other veterinarians and animal control services. If your pet carries your name, address, and phone numbers in the microchip, you have a much better chance of being reunited.

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