Drawbacks of Team Fitness Training

On paper, team fitness training in Charleston, SC seems like the perfect set up. You’d be properly motivated, find a nice camaraderie with your fellow trainers, and even make some new friends. These are all true, but there are drawbacks, as with anything. It’s important to be aware of the downsides beforehand, so that when you do join, they don’t seem as bad as they do when they come out of nowhere. So if you’re curious as to what the drawbacks of team fitness training could be, read on for the answer.

Less Attention to Form
The quality of your form is paramount to whether you get the most out of your exercise, and also can make the difference in whether or not you hurt yourself, depending on the form you’re doing. In a decently large group, there is much less attention to individual form, meaning that you could be doing it wrong the entire time and no one will notice. As you can imagine, this is a major problem with trying to get in shape. If you’re doing the form wrong, then you’re not getting the most out of the workout, and worse, you could potentially be hurting yourself

Potentially Overworking
Group fitness classes and boot camp have one thing in common: their favorite pastime is working you until your limbs fall off. Now, in some cases this can push you past your limits and make you into a chiseled chest demigod. But in other cases, you’ll just faint from exhaustion on the one day you couldn’t manage to get a good breakfast before training and you have to quit from overworking. The trainer doesn’t have the time or energy to work to everyone else’s wavelength, so they try to get everyone else onto theirs. And that is too much for a lot of people, even those who are determined to better themselves.

Lack of Addressing Individuals
A good teacher will address this problem through clever attention to detail and interaction with their students. However, an average or even below average trainer, will try to work everyone to the same tune and the same workouts. So someone who just got over a broken arm will have to do the same workouts as someone who sprained their ankle. As you can imagine, this method fails to address individuals, and can actually hurt someone’s progress when it comes to working out. Click here for more info about team fitness training in Charleston, SC

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