How a Tustin Animal Hospital Can Help You Cope With Difficult Times

Having a pet is, overall, a great experience for individuals and families alike. Pets can provide companionship, a source of stress-relief, and help to teach children the importance of responsibility. However, owning a pet can also present challenges and feelings of sadness when a pet becomes ill or passes away. A Tustin animal hospital can help you and your pet during these difficult times by providing your pet with the best possible care and services.

Preventive Medical Treatments at a Tustin Animal Hospital

While not all health trouble with pets can be avoided, many more common illnesses and conditions can be with the help of preventive medical treatments. By ensuring that your cat or dog has regular exams, you can learn a lot about your pet’s current health and any issues that need to be addressed before they become a health problem. These issues can include discussions on nutrition, dental care, parasites, and weight. Regular visits to Tustin animal hospital can reduce the likelihood of illness in your pet.

Surgery Does Not Need to be Scary… For You or Your Pet

Many pet owners know that the real stress before a pet’s surgery is for the owner and not for the pet. However, the right Tustin animal hospital can help allay your fears pre-surgery by explaining to you the whole process involved in your pets surgery in Tustin – be it a routine procedure to sterilize a pet or a more complicated surgery for a tumor – from beginning to end. Laser surgery is increasingly used in many cases which helps to reduce bleeding and pain. The use of anesthetics at a good Tustin animal hospital will be carefully monitored and exceptional care should be taken when determining the type and amount of anesthetic used.

What Happens After Surgery?

Post-surgery, many pets will require some level of rehabilitation therapy to get them back up on their feet and back to their usual frisky selves. At a Tustin animal hospital a variety of rehabilitation therapy options that include in-hospital therapies, dietary supplements, and medications should be available. Most importantly, though, Tustin animal hospital staff work with owners to ensure that proper care and rehabilitation techniques are used at home to increase the chance of a successful surgery without further complications. Whether your pet has undergone surgery or been in an accident, rehabilitation therapy can make all the difference to their future.

Saying Goodbye to a Pet

No owner wants to be faced with the news that their dog or cat’s life is nearing its end. At a Tustin animal hospital such situations are handled with the utmost care and there is every attempt made to reduce a pet’s stress. Sedation is usually administered before an anesthetic overdose, and your Tustin animal hospital may arrange to provide hospice care at your home under certain circumstances.

If your pet requires serious veterinary care, contact OC Veterinary Medical Center. They can clarify any questions you might have about pet care available at your local Tustin animal hospital.

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